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Frequently Asked Questions

WE HAVE THE answers!

If you're interested in booking your wedding or event at Kelowna Corn Maze, we understand you might have some questions! If you can't find the information you're looking for here or on our Weddings or Events pages, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We want you to feel confident and excited about booking your special occasion with us!


Am I required to provide a deposit to reserve the Kelowna Corn Maze venue?

Yes, we require a $1,000 non-refundable deposit to be paid upon booking.

Are there any additional fees I should be aware of?

Event Insurance – we ask all our clients to purchase event insurance for their protection on their big day. Our insurance does not cover our clients so we do require this item.

Special Occasion License – this license is also commonly known as a liquor license. This license is only required if you intend to have alcohol served at your event.

What are the hours/ timeframe that I have the tent prior and after my event?

You will be able to set up your decorations of choice the day prior from noon till 8pm. We ask that your rentals and decorations are removed by noon the day following your event

Are we allowed alcohol onsite?

Yes, As long as it has been approved on your Special Event Permit (aka liquor license). You are also required to have a certified bartender with Serving It Right & to acquire a Special Event Permit for your event.

Am I allowed to bring my own caterer?

Yes, you have the freedom to choose the food you like and are in control of your budget. There is even room on the farm for Food Trucks if that's more your style.

Is there a kitchen available?

No, but we do have access to refrigerators and cold running water.

Am I allowed to bring my own decorator?


Are there any restrictions to décor in the tent?

Please do not use any glitter, confetti or rice.

Birdseed and bubbles are allowed.

Am I allowed to have a band or DJ?


What time can music be played until?

We ask that the music be turned down at 11pm and can be played until midnight.

What is the SOCAN Tariff and who pays it?

The fee for your event's SOCAN tariff has been built into your rental price & therefore already included. The tariff that is paid to SOCAN for having music at your event goes back to compensate music creators. We are required to pay the SOCAN Tariff to ensure music is being played legally, ethically and support the music community. 

Will I need to rent a dance floor?

Only if you like! You can designate a space within the tent for a dance floor on the mulch, or we do have a 16'x16' raised wooden floor for rent.

Are there washrooms?

We will provide 2 Event Grade Portable Toilets with handicap accessibility.

Who ensures the washrooms are stocked and cleaned?

Our onsite staff will ensure the washrooms are stocked and clean.

Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

Yes, our venue is all wheelchair friendly as it is all on flat ground with no stairs. However, our pathways and tent ground are covered in a natural bark mulch, making it slightly more difficult than a flat flooring surface to maneuver. Our toilets are also wheelchair accessible.

How many cars can fit in the parking area?

We can accommodate 50-60 vehicles.

Do we need to arrange parking attendants?

We don’t feel a parking attendant is necessary, and we will have signage posted onsite.

Can vehicles stay overnight?

Yes, we highly encourage finding safe ways home.

Am I responsible for garbage removal?

Your caterer and bartenders will be responsible to gathering up garbage and placing bags in a designated spot.  

Do I have to set up and take down the tent?

No, we will look after all the labour involved with the tent.

Do we need to rent generators?

No, there is power on site that will accommodate your electrical needs


Please check out our Weddings and Events pages to learn more about the Kelowna Corn Maze, and reach out to us if you're ready to start discussing your event!

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