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The story behind the Kelowna Corn Maze on Valley Road

FIRST, MEET Farmer Dave

You can't really know the story behind the Kelowna Corn Maze without knowing Farmer Dave.


The Kelowna Corn Maze began approximately 16 years ago, when Farmer Dave lived on his family’s homestead on Valley Road. Born and raised a stone’s throw from his current location, Dave started his farming career in the fruit business, as his family owned and farmed a number of apple and pear orchards in the Glenmore area. 


When not planting, pruning or picking, he could be found on his dirt bike tearing around the Dilworth area, which used to be called “the Pits" (and if that term is familiar, you’ve also likely lived in the Glenmore area for a long time!).

Kelowna-Haunted-Corn-Maze-Kelowna (1).jpg

As a child, Farmer Dave used to take apart and reconstruct most mechanical devices in his path (often to the horror of his mother), so his segue into machinery and excavation seemed fairly natural. He created his first business, Apple Valley Bobcat Company, in Kelowna, and then expanded and moved to the coast, but returned to his roots a few years later. 


Around that same time, he and his partner, Anda, started a small cattle operation on the neighboring property. Of course, this new cattle operation led to a lot of “horsing” around, and they also joined a team roping group that competed in the local rodeo circuit. 


Wanting to corn-er the market on Halloween festivities in Kelowna, Dave and Anda also decided to plant a field of cattle corn, and create an a-maize-ingly family-fun activity for kids from 2 to 92. For the past four years the corn maze has been located at 539 Valley Rd.,  just two doors down from his family home.  


Growing into a Kelowna wedding reception and events venue

Now, in its 16th year, Dave has decided to add on to his Halloween activities, and offer his property and venue for private events. After hosting his BFF’s daughter’s wedding in 2022, he got so many positive comments on the location and venue, he thought… “Aw Shucks!  I might as well let others enjoy my corny backdrop as well.”  The Kelowna Corn Maze (KCM) is now able to host 10 events per year in two Marquee tents on the property, with the rustling corn as a beautiful and peaceful backdrop. Please check out our Events and Wedding tabs for more information!

Beautiful, bright yellow sunflowers at the kelowna corn maze.


Whether you're looking for a rustic event venue in Kelowna or you plan to visit our Haunted Corn Mazes this Halloween, we look forward to seeing you soon!

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